Center for Youth and Holiday Programme

Operation: Center for Youth and Holiday Programme

The main purpose of the operation is to increase the involvement of vulnerable groups, with a focus on young people up to 15 years of age. The operation aims to fill the gap in the lack of programs and activities for the social inclusion of young people, which we will achieve by:

  • equipping and establishing a Youth Center, with the company Alpod d.o.o. playing an important role;
  • operation of the Center for Youth in the basement of the Notranjski odred Cerknica Primary School, which will enable quality leisure time for primary school students in the afternoon, in an ideologically neutral, impartial and safe space with the constant presence of an adult;
  • establishment and operation of a holiday care program that will provide support and assistance to parents by organising daily care for the youngest primary school children during the school holidays.

Both programs within the operation will pursue greater social inclusion, learning and promotion of cooperation among young people in a number of ways:

  • with the possibility of spending free time with various games (eg. table football, table tennis, table hockey, board games);
  • by providing learning assistance in the premises of the Youth Center;
  • by designing and implementing structured general education activities, in which an employee of the Notranjski odred Cerknica Primary School will also participate (film screenings, workshops, etc.);
  • with workshops on urban culture, which will be prepared by the Asvalt Association;
  • by designing and implementing holiday care content, with a focus on raising awareness of sustainable development, environmental protection and climate change.


MP – Zavod Samostojen si

P1 – Elementary school Notranjski odred Cerknica

P2 – Alpod, a trade and engineering company, d.o.o.

P3 – Asvalt Association, association for urban culture and sports

Duration of the operation: 1.8.2020-29.10.2022

Total value of the operation: € 48,336.33

Amount of co-financing from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF): € 38,669.04


The investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia, the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology and the European Union – from the European Regional Development Fund.