Group counseling

Therapeutic group for the unemployed and the individuals receiving the state social assistance

Life circumstances change all the time and we have to change with them. We always try to control the circumstances as best we can. Sometimes we quickly find the best solutions, but sometimes we hesitate and find ourselves in a whirlwind of failures. The longer such circumstances last, the more likely we are to start despairing, getting angry, depressed, or comforting ourselves with any of the “shortcuts” to feeling better (food, alcohol, addictions of all kinds).

We invite you to join us in a self-help group of people who are long-term unemployed and are losing control of their successful reactivation. We will discuss how to deal with a broken self-image, how to overcome pessimism and consciously strive to find a positive aspect of current life circumstances. How to overcome feelings of loneliness in situations of failure, become aware of our beliefs that do not help us “float” from the difficult situation and harmonize our expectations with the reality of social conditions.

Therapeutic group for people caring for the disabled and sick

When we care for people who are helpless or otherwise deprived of independent living and we feel this as our human duty out of compassion, the most noble and natural aspect of our behavior is activated. However, we must not forget ourselves, because we can only offer help if we are in good conditions.

We are aware of the fact that people who help others often forget about themselves, that is why we have formed a group of people who care for the disabled or otherwise disadvantaged. Our aim is to raise awareness of their needs, expectations, perceptions and beliefs within the group through conversation and socializing. In order to understand that everything they do, they do for themselves or from their own belief of seeing themselves as people who want and love to help the others.

Therapeutic group for parents of children and young people with disabilities

Have you realized that you have exhausted all possibilities in the upbringing of your child? Are you facing helplessness as a responsible parent in the awareness that something else needs to be done?

Let’s combine strengths, knowledge and experience in a group for parents of children and adolescents who have trouble finding their way on the path of growing up. We will not look for culprits or moan. We will explore our beliefs to discover and understand why children behave this way and what is the role of parents in their growing up. We will check our expectations for ourselves and our children and shed a light on our views on the situation that we perceive as problematic. In the group, we will also realize that we are not alone with our problems and that with joint efforts, support and encouragement, we can do better.

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