As part of the program to help and support families, the Multigenerational Family Center Cerknica operates within the institution Zavod Samostojen si. The family center is a central space for socializing and providing for the needs of various forms of families at all stages of life. The family center, with its way of working and offering programs, helps to reconcile professional, family and private life. For the families, it is a place where members can turn for help and support. Privately or in groups to share their experiences of living in a family with professionals or other families.

The goals of our family support programs are:

  • to equip families with the knowledge, informations and skills that help them cope with stress and the burdens of today
  • to train family members to improve communication
  • to promote quality interpersonal relationships between parents, children and the wider family community
  • to strengthen partner and parental competences, personal and social competences and trust between family members
  • to help parents reconcile family and professional life
  • to encourage family members to spend their free time together
  • to offer help and accessibility to our programs also to families with poor socio-economic situation

The stated goals are achieved through various activities:

  • by organizing lectures and workshops for partners, parents, children and adolescents, grandparents and the extended family on current problems and challenges in all their roles
  • by conducting counseling interviews for individuals, couples, families, and groups
  • by offering family mediation for a different approach to resolving disputes
  • with programs of informal socializing, learning assistance to children, occasional organized care and organized holiday activities for children
  • by offering social and cultural meetings and events
  • by offering a variety of workshops to diversify the leisure activities of family members
  • by offering contents that strengthen the social inclusion of vulnerable groups

Our aim is to constantly supplement and co-create the offer of the family center with the active participation of our users. We invite them to express their needs and suggestions, help us organize events and choose topics for future workshops and activities.

You can send us your initiatives and suggestions to the address: zavod.samostojen.si@gmail.com or by phone 031 727 528. We will be even happier if you contact us in person at Čabranska! Welcome!