Couple counseling

Congratulations on acknowledging to yourself that you have problems and for being determined to solve them!

Namely, we believe that if more people knew they could seek help when problems arose in relationships with loved ones, many partnerships would be maintained and even strengthened. Sometimes it only takes a short “reset”, other times a thorough view from the outside. With long-term problems, hard work and commitment to change are required, this is be necessary and vital to improve the situation.

Our role is neutral, we will not take the side of one or the other, we will be on the side of your marriage or partnership. Don’t let problems accumulate, solve them on an ongoing basis. We believe that good relationships are the source of our happiness and health and that they should therefore be our greatest concern.

Therapies are performed by Reality Therapy Consultants Julija Perko and Sanja Ivić. Call us on 031 727 528 or 040 873 117 to arrange a meeting at the Multigenerational Family Center at Čabranska 9 in Cerknica.