The non-profit Institute Samostojen implements various social programs and projects for the citizens of the Notranjska and Osrednjeslovenska regions. The key activity of the institution is psychosocial assistance to individuals, couples, families and diverse groups.

The purpose of the institute is to contribute to strengthening of the psychosocial health of citizens, to offer support and assistance to individuals and vulnerable groups struggling with material and social exclusion, and to act preventively in establishing, building and maintaining connections and good interpersonal relationships. We cooperate with the Centers for Social Work and health centers of the municipalities of Cerknica, Logatec and Vrhnika. We are actively involved in projects of educational content for children and adolescents in schools in Rakek, Cerknica, Grahovo, Stari trg pri Ložu and Bloke. We also cooperate with the intergenerational center in Stari trg near Lož.

Our mission is to provide support to all who want to solve their specific problems, to encourage them in raising awareness and training for the active (re)organization of their lives, and to provide them with information about the various options available to them.